Equinox LT
Equinox LT
Equinox LT

Equinox LT

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USA Pickleball Approved. Available NOW. 

Designed with our one of a kind BioFLX™ face, the Equinox LT provides power from the baseline and grips the ball for excellent spin. Crush your dinks and drives every time with the large sweet spot and superior feel. Play with a paddle you can be proud of! 

This is the lightweight version of the Equinox. Choose this version if you want a lighter paddle or a little more control and speed at the net. 

Tech Specs:  

Weight: 7.3oz - 7.8oz
Grip Length: 
Grip Circumference: 

To request a specific weight, please add a note in the comments. We will try our best to fill your request!



Our BioFLX™ Face is the first and only of its kind. Made with our proprietary, renewable, plant-based fibers, BioFLX™ dampens vibrations giving you more accurate shot placement and a better net game.

Polymer Honeycomb Core for more accurate, consistent, and quieter shots. 

Zero Waste Terragrit™ Surface made with reusable molds to maximum impart texture and spin. (Seriously, this thing grips the ball) 

Ergonomic Octagonal Grip made with sustainable balsa wood angled to fit the contours of your hand. Tacky, perforated, moisture wicking.


“...It (the paddle) has helped me hit harder volleys with less swing without sacrificing my feel for soft hits and spin. It definitely absorbs shock, and my tennis elbow issues have disappeared!” 
-Peter, 4.5 rated tournament player. Gave up a 3 year commitment to competing paddle after using Revolin’s paddle.

“I have been winning everywhere I go, remember I play 3 hours a day, most days of the week. I love the paddle. Compliments to the expanded sweetspot.”  
-Tom, 4.0 rated tournament player.



All Equinox paddles come with a 6-Month Manufacturer Limited Warranty. Click here to read more about our warranty and to register you paddle.