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Behind the Revo Series Pickleball Paddles - Part I: Graphics

We’ve spent years studying pickleball and gaining insight into why a paddle should be made a particular way. In that time, we’ve learned a lot. Most of our insight has come from you - pickleball players - who answered our unending questions. What do you like? What do you hate? And most importantly - why? 

Your vision set the foundation for our next generation Revo Series pickleball paddles. Your insight, combined with our belief in good products, great design, and relentless innovation for the benefit of players and the planet, culminated in the creation of our REVOlutionary paddle series. 

In the next few weeks, we’ll be talking more about the Revo Series, diving deep into the meaning behind the paddle graphics, manufacturing process, and product design. We’ll get into the tech, never you fear, but we’re kicking things off with the obvious: graphics. 

Part I: The Graphics

Most picklers don’t pick their paddle just because it’s “pretty,” but one has to admit that sometimes, looks do matter! A beat up paddle face shows the countless hours you’ve spent drilling. A huge logo says “I’m here for this brand!” Pickleball paddle graphics can express who a player is and what they stand for. 

When designing our new Revo Series, we took this charge very seriously. It took months and hundreds of designs developed by an absolute legend in the sports space to create these graphics. 

The process began with color. We pieced together mood boards, grouped by tone, pulling inspiration from not just other sporting campaigns but also fashion. The goal was to communicate high performance from the get-go, to blend earthiness with innovation, all while staying true to our core and our customers. We then molded these mood boards together to inspire the baseline for the Revo Series. 

2/08/2022: Original color moodboard featuring Moncler 


While you probably wouldn’t wear a Moncler coat to play pickleball, the luxury brand’s performance gear for individuals that desire high design grabbed our attention. On the other hand, we were attracted to something seemingly opposite to the luxurious world created by Moncler: laid-back surf culture. In studying surfboards, we decided that symmetry and simplicity would be core values of the Revo Series paddle graphics because, like pickleball paddles, surfboards are both high-performance tools and canvases for self expression. Our emblem became this balance of luxury and simplicity. 

03/01/2022: Surf inspired paddle designs


Next, we started to think about how the paddle face could be used for artistic expression, and that is where the chevron comes into play. After hundreds of concepts, we kept coming back to the centered chevron. It’s a piece of our history.


FLX 1.0 pickleball paddle from Revolin Sports circa 20195/22/2019: Our first natural fiber paddle FLX 1.0


It’s also a reflection of who we are. The chevron acts as an arrow pointed upwards, inspiring us to keep pushing, to keep elevating and to keep innovating. It pays respect to the shoulders we have stood on, those that came before us, while simultaneously calling us forward. 

The chevron is our promise to you. We’ve looked at what has happened in the past, and we are moving up and forward. As a brand, we do not settle for what is out there. We strive to make wonderful, inspiring items and create the best product on the market without compromise. 

The new Revo Series is the standard of innovation, equity, and excellence in pickleball. Order yours today!

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Mary Cay Puska

Mary Cay Puska

I enjoyed this informational update on your product history and design! I have a power paddle and love it! The surface has allowed me to add a subtle spin on my serve! I winter in Green Valley, Arizona and last week I had a woman stop me on the pickleball courts, as she had the same paddle!! Thank you for your commitment to a great product!

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