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The BioFLX Face is Revolin's first major innovation in pickleball. It combines multiple layers of fibers from the strongest plants in the world with a specially engineered resin system to create a never-before-seen bio-composite face that is stronger than fiberglass and more forgiving than carbon fiber.

Our BioFLX™ Face dampens vibrations allowing for more solid impact and feel on the ball. This, combined with our high-quality polymer core, lets the ball dwell on the face of the paddle for longer, allowing for more spin and better ball redirections.

You should also feel better, knowing that BioFLX™ produces produces about 95% less CO2 than competing carbon fiber and fiberglass-composite faces. The fibers are also completely renewable and biodegradable, all of which helps keep our planet healthier.


For more information, check out our Sustainability Page!

Our paddle is 20% renewable and 40% recyclable, by weight. We also source 95% of our materials including grip supports, core, raw fiber, and more from the United States reducing transportation pollution. We're committed to working towards a better future in sports and replacing carbon fiber and fiberglass is step one! We've also partnered with One Tree Planted which plants one tree for every paddle we sell. 

Yes, we have gotten this question multiple times. We can’t reveal which plants make up our proprietary BioFLX™ face, but please don't smoke it! While our paddle face is made from natural materials, it is unsafe to consume in any way.

Shipping policy

Free First Class shipping available on all purchases over $100!

Expedited shipping is also available in case you need your paddle ASAP. Price varies according to weight, speed, and distance, per carrier policies. Tracking numbers are provided with all shipments.

USA for now. Worldwide soon.

We guarantee that items will be posted by us within 2 business days of the order being received. We will provide an estimated time of arrival, but can't guarantee arrival dates.

Returns and exchanges

Our Refund Policy is simple. If you are not 100% satisfied with your paddle or products, you can return them to us within 21 days of shipments arrival and we will refund your payment completely. You can expect a refund on the original method of payment 3-7 days after Revolin Sports receives the product back. After 21 days, we will not accept returns, except in cases of defects or damage covered by the warranty.

Just email us at info@revolinsports.com with a copy of your receipt, and we will reply with a shipping label. The cost of return shipping will be subtracted from your refund.

Limited warranty

All Equinox and Equinox LT paddles have a 1 year Manufacturer Limited Warranty valid from the date of purchase. We guarantee against all abnormal defects in workmanship and materials, including dead spots, within this time period. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to either repair or replace the paddle with an equivalent product, at no cost to you. The warranty does not protect against things like negligence, normal wear and tear, natural fading, and breakdown of graphics, or other issues that are not the fault of Revolin Sports. 

Click here, and follow the next link to register your paddle.

Items not covered: 

- Items other than Equinox and Equinox LT paddles

- Any unregistered paddles (register your paddle warranty here (link available soon))

- Paddles purchased as “USED”, “AS-IS”, or “WITHOUT WARRANTY”

- Paddles purchased from unauthorized dealers  or unauthorized channels (including, without limitation, products purchased through (i) auction sites such as EBAY or CRAIGSLIST, (ii) unauthorized dealers selling via third party marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace, (iii) dealers selling altered, doctored, or counterfeit products, or (iv) any other unauthorized persons)

- Non-purchased items (free demo paddles, promotions, giveaways, etc.)

- Items that have been modified by customers (edge guard, surface, etc.)

Damage types not covered:

- Chips, fractures, cracks, or separation of the edge guard resulting from impact with any object(s) other than an approved Pickleball ball (ground impact, paddle on paddle contact, net systems impact, etc.)

- Damage or defects caused by paddle dents also known as paddle dings

- Damage due to falling on the paddle

- Damage or defects caused by use of the paddle outside of its intended purpose

- Damage due to normal wear and tear

- Damage that is purely cosmetic

- Improper installation of a replacement grip

- Damages arising after the limited warranty period (6 months) 

Send a photograph of the damaged paddle with a short description of what happened, as well as a copy of the receipt for the paddle, to info@revolinsports.com. We will then review the claim and respond with next steps as soon as possible.