Play. Improve. Repeat.

When you’re not playing pickleball, you’re thinking about pickleball. You’re obsessed.  We are too. Our goal at Revolin is simple.  Design and manufacture high-performing paddles for pickleball-obsessed players like you from planet-friendly and game-enhancing materials. Every day we go to work striving to get better so we can help you take your game to the next level because we know you can’t wait to get out there to play, improve, and do it all over again.

📍Holland, MI

A Note From Our Founder


I get asked all the time why I started Revolin. 

As a high school tennis player and aspiring engineer, I discovered pickleball and immediately fell in love with the sport. As I started playing competitively, entering and winning tournaments, and securing sponsorships from the largest pickleball companies, I found despite playing with the "best" paddles around, my equipment kept breaking.  At times they felt like disposable paddles.  So I learned everything I could about pickleball paddles, including why they were breaking and how to repair them. 

Fast forward a few years as an engineer student at the University of Michigan I was working on an R&D project with the goal of designing a car that could go 3,000 miles on one gallon of gas.  

During that process, I discovered materials that were super lightweight, high-strength, and durable.  Turns out, they were also sustainable because they came from plant-based materials like flax, hemp, and even volcanic rock.  

That got me thinking, can I use the same materials to make high-performing pickleball paddles that are a perfect combination of power and feel, vibration dampening to reduce tennis elbow, and engineered to last?  The short answer: yes!

After 5+ years, 250+ material tests, and 4,000+ prototypes we’ve created our best set of high-performing pickleball paddles and we can’t wait for you to play with them.