What is BioFLX

BioFLX™ is the newest high-performance material designed just for pickleball. It’s made out of super strong, renewable hemp and flax fibers. Invented by Revolin Sports in 2019 and patent-pending, BioFLX™ is more durable than fiberglass, more forgiving than carbon fiber, and naturally vibration dampening.

BioFLX™ fits your game

We designed BioFLX™ specifically for pickleball with hemp and flax. These natural fibers are exceptionally strong and elastic. This gives players plenty of power. Hemp and flax are also known for dampening vibrations. They dispense the shock from the ball. Without the shock, players have improved touch, feel, and control.

BioFLX™ protects your body

Vibrations from pickleball equipment can hurt players over time and worsen injuries. BioFLX™ reduces vibrations 200% better than fiberglass and 20% better than carbon fiber due to the cellulose structures of hemp and flax. By dispersing the shock from the ball, BioFLX™ reduces potentially harmful vibrations. 

BioFLX™ helps our planet

Most popular pickleball paddles are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass. These materials have a big carbon footprint. We looked to nature and created a solution. BioFLX™ is made from flax and hemp fibers that actually sequester CO2 as they grow. This material is renewable, biodegradable, and has a much smaller carbon footprint than popular alternatives.