I am super impressed with this paddle [the Revo Reach Control]! I just played the best singles I’ve played in my life. A ton of power but it’s controllable power! And a lot of spin as well! Volleys felt great also, really piercing. I had some slices that were simply nasty. Basically it felt like all the things my electrum has but more power.

Travis Williams

I Love my new EQUINOX REACH Lightweight Pickleball Paddle. I feel it improved my game immediately. Better reach, more ball control, and low impact all the way around. I can highly recommend it :-)

Katja R

I love the pop of power this paddle gives me! It has a good feel & I’m purchasing! I have bought way too many paddles that I did get enough time to test out. I appreciate the demo time & definitely have made a better decision on this paddle! Thank you!

Brenda P