Try Revolin Paddles for 10 days in the comfort of your home courts. We will ship you paddles to try and include return labels for you to send them back. If you decide to buy, you'll get a $20 discount! 

*The Try-Before-You-Buy program is only available in the United States. 

*Revolin Sports reserves the right to charge part or full price for any item not returned or returned in disrepair. 


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Demo the Revo Pure Control
Demo the Revo Reach Control
Demo the Revo Pure Power
Demo the Revo Pure Power Sale price$20.00
Demo the Revo Reach Power
Demo the Revo Reach Power Sale price$20.00
DEMO RISE Pickleball PaddleDEMO RISE Pickleball Paddle
DEMO RISE Pickleball Paddle Sale price$15.00 Regular price$109.99