Revolin Sports Paddle Warranty

All Revo paddles have a one-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty valid from the date of purchase. We guarantee against all abnormal defects in workmanship and materials, including dead spots, within this time period. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to either repair or replace the paddle with an equivalent product, at no cost to you. The warranty does not protect against things like negligence, normal wear and tear, natural fading, and breakdown of graphics, or other issues that are not the fault of Revolin Sports.


File a Warranty Claim

First, take a photo of the issue with your paddle. It is required!! Next, fill out this super-easy form

We will then review the claim and respond with next steps as soon as possible. If necessary, we will ship out a replacement within 3 business days for standard paddles and within 5 business days for custom paddles. 


Items not covered: 

- Items other than Revo and Equinox paddles

- Any unregistered paddles

- Paddles purchased as “USED”, “AS-IS”, or “WITHOUT WARRANTY”

- Paddles purchased from unauthorized dealers  or unauthorized channels (including, without limitation, products purchased through (i) auction sites such as EBAY or CRAIGSLIST, (ii) unauthorized dealers selling via third party marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace, (iii) dealers selling altered, doctored, or counterfeit products, or (iv) any other unauthorized persons)

- Non-purchased items (free demo paddles, promotions, giveaways, etc.)

- Items that have been modified by customers (edge guard, surface, etc.)


Damage types not covered:

- Chips, fractures, cracks, or separation of the edge guard resulting from impact with any object(s) other than an approved pickleball ball (ground impact, paddle on paddle contact, net systems impact, etc.)

- Damage or defects caused by paddle dents also known as paddle dings

- Damage due to falling on the paddle

- Damage or defects caused by use of the paddle outside of its intended purpose

- Damage due to normal wear and tear

- Damage that is purely cosmetic

- Improper installation of a replacement grip

- Damages arising after the warranty period (1 year) 


Register your Warranty

Click here to register your warranty. The form will open in a new window so pop-up blockers may need to be disabled.