How To Put an Overgrip on Your Pickleball Paddle

Hugh Davis eco of revolin sports putting overgrip on a Pickleball paddle in Ludington michigan

Every week without fail someone asks us for help putting an overgrip on their pickleball paddle. We’re always happy to help, but why not teach a man to fish? 

Hugh, Revolin CEO, finally agreed to get off the court and film a quick video to share his renowned pickleball overgrip wrapping techniques with the world.  His methods are *chefs kiss* the best. In the video, he breaks down the process step by step, but if you just need a quick refresher, keep reading! 

 Watch the video HERE.


A pickleball overgrip is a thin wrap that is designed to go on top of your standard pickleball grip. Many players love pickleball overgrips, especially in the heat!

Benefits of overgrips 
  1. Absorbs sweat
  2. High tac (grippy)
  3. Adds a bit more circumference if desired for larger hands
  4. Preserves your standard grip 
  5. Increased comfort


Want overgrips you can feel good about using? Try our Revolin Ecogrips that biodegrade 100 days after use instead of 100s of years later -™ 

Consider changing out your grip after 20 - 25 hours of play. 


How to wrap

1. Unwrap the grip, make sure the tacky side is exposed


2. Line the tapered edge alongside the buttend of your paddle with your paddle in your lap, handle facing away from your body 


3. Wrap the overgrip up the body of the paddle until you reach the top, lining up the holes as you go for an even wrap


5. Seal the overgrip with the finishing tape, making sure not to touch the end tab


6. Throw it in the compost once you're done (yes for real!)

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