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Get to Know Minnesota Pickleball Player + Good Sport David Dutrieuille

Get to Know Minnesota Pickleball Player + Good Sport David Dutrieuille

David Dutrieuille has arguably the most infectious smile on the tournament circuit, and that isn't all he brings. 

David fell in love with pickleball in 2019 and succeeded quite quickly. In fact, we met David at the Delray Beach Pickleball open where he had just won gold in the 5.0 35+ bracket. His talent on the court was undeniable. This guy was quick and had great hands. But even more impressive was his sportsmanship.


During his matches David flashed between ultimate competitor and great sport. One second he was hyping his partner up, the next he genuinely complimented a nice shot by the other team. Not once did he waver in his drive to win, but he did so without ego or attitude. 


After a grueling battle to the top of the podium, David further proved his passion. He stayed for another hour to play some friendly games until we quite literally got kicked out of the venue. Keep in mind this man had just played 5+ hours of insanely competitive pickleball in Florida heat. The whole time he smiled and chatted. 


pickleball player with revolin sports paddle hitting forehand drive

So why does David love pickleball? Here’s what he had to say:

“Pickleball is the sport you accidentally get addicted to. I'm not aware of any other physically demanding sports where you can have multiple generations on the same court and have a truly competitive game."

He loves the sound, the feel of the ball on the paddle; the community; the people, the funny name; the excitement of the various combinations that result in a put away; the interesting court personas; the thrill of the chase when someone drops a ball thinking you can’t get it and you don’t think you can yet you do. Maybe most of all, he loved the passion and laughter that happens on the court he's on.

When we asked how he gives back to the community, David lit up.

"So many high-level plays silo themselves and seem to forget that they too were a beginner once."

He continued, saying, "I love hopping around local open play to just be an accessible 5.0 player that allows folks to have an experience playing with a 5.0/coach. I’ll provide small pointers to folks when they ask too but very little during the game because I need you to be free not mentally chained to what I just said." 

top level pickleball player man reaching for ball to poach from partner
David plans to expand his coaching in Metro Minneapolis and keep competing with the Equinox Reach. He hails from Apple Valley, Mn where he lives with his wife Angie and their four beautiful children. When he’s not being super dad, you can find him on the pickleball court coaching or training for his next competition.

 Check out the paddle that's taking his game to new heights! 

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