Why Pro Pickleball Player Davey Williams Chooses Revolin Pickleball Paddles

Why Pro Pickleball Player Davey Williams Chooses Revolin Pickleball Paddles

I am truly blessed with my career as an influencer in the game of pickleball. I compete at the pro level, host clinics and lessons, am a partner at a retail storefront location & also work with the production team behind the APP Tour. One thing I can say with certainty is that there are a lot of paddles out there, different technologies too.

Last year, I had the pleasure of getting to know the team at Revolin Sports. I was fascinated with the movement built around better play and a better planet. It was a match made in Heaven, so from that moment to now, I have been blessed and proud to be their head pro.

But, let’s look at why I love my paddles and know you will too...

Before Revolin came into my life, I had the opportunity to play with many of the top paddles out on the market. I was always more a fan of the honeycomb construction, focusing on controlling the ball while still being able to generate my own power. I was using a top of the line paddles from a top rated company, but was willing to swap to our plant-based concept. I will never go back to another paddle company!

The Equinox and Reach paddles are both phenomenal products. There is an amazing aspect to control, without sacrificing power. The dampening aspect is huge as well, as it helps reduce the possibility of tennis elbow, shoulder issues, wrist issues, etc. I don’t feel vibrations, I just make ripples on the courts with the performance my paddle offers!

Pickleball Professional player from Florida Davey Williams with elongated Pickleball paddle by revolin sports

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Playing Pro Singles, length is more important to me, so I use the Reach paddle. In doubles, I use my Equinox, sometimes the Reach (depends on the situation and my opponents). Both offer me the opportunity to keep balls in play, offer significant advantages at the net and also offer me the ability to play a power game when I need to. There is balance with these paddles that I have not seen in any other companies’ products.

Another aspect I love about the Revolin line is that the paddles can be used from Beginner level all the way up to the Pro level. Even as the company continues to make advancements and additions to their product line, these paddles are the perfect complimentary piece to anyone’s style of play. Plus, if you need something more specific, the team here can make that happen! You are guaranteed to get exactly what you need to sustain results in your game!

To bring it all full circle here, I live a plant-based lifestyle myself. The planet’s health matters to me tremendously. Realistically, without the planet, there is no pickleball. The fact that Revolin manufactures sustainable products with patent-pending technology is incredible. The impact we are making with the environment is so special. Our paddles, and our grips, are truly plant-based power and awesomeness!

Try the demo program, or feel free to contact me directly if there are any questions I can answer. I am so proud to work with Revolin as their Head Pro and Brand Ambassador. I love the people behind the products, and admire the products. With having accessibility to so many different paddle options thanks to my storefront location, I still choose Revolin over the rest. Check out for yourself why you will experience better play and will be contributing to a better planet!

-Davey Williams, Head Pro & Brand Ambassador

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Dan Pillitteri

Dan Pillitteri

Not an individual I would recommend to teach any one. He’s moody, divisive, has harmed the game in any locations he plays at. His credentials for Pickleball are none existent. He hasn’t played, let alone won any tournament, match in many, many years. He creates an aura of being a Pro but it is just that, an aura with no discernible substance. If he recommends something I would shy away from following any of his recommendations.

Mary Ann Hardy

Mary Ann Hardy

Watched you play. If you recommend Revolin paddle, I may have to get one.Good luck in your next competition.

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