Boxed Water™ Watermelon Flavor Splashes into Pickleball with Custom Pickleball Paddles

Boxed Water™ Watermelon Flavor Splashes into Pickleball with Custom Pickleball Paddles

The Revolin HQ is always stocked with Boxed Water. For the days we forget our reusables or they’re overdue for a deep clean, we reach for the best alternative. 

In a world that’s always consuming it often feels like all we can do is the next right thing. We want to win our next pickleball game, so we buy the latest and greatest paddle. This isn’t wrong, per say. But it is more right to choose the ball that lasts a little longer when you’re not training for a tournament. To choose equipment that’s made responsibly and built to last. To skip the plastic water bottle. 

Boxed Water is Better proposes a - well - better option to single use plastic water bottles. 

Just a 15 minute drive from our HQ in Holland, Michigan, the company uses packaging that’s 92% plant based and completely recyclable. Even the carton caps are derived from residue waste from sustainably grown trees.  Respect. 

If you’ve been following Revolin’s journey, this cycle of R&D for awesome, planet-friendlier products might sound familiar. Boxed Water is Better has been in the game longer than us, but we’re on the same side. So when we heard they had a launch coming up, we knew it was time to collaborate on custom paddles. 

Boxed Water is Better is kicking off its reintroduction of its watermelon flavor to its sustainably packaged water lineup with custom Revolin x Boxed Water is Better RISE pickleball paddles.

All of the company's flavored water including Lemon, Cucumber, Grapefruit, and Blackberry are sugar free and have zero artificial sweeteners. Perfect for keeping you on the court for just one more game, or three. 

We actually had the chance to preview this flavor and take it from our very hydrated team and all the people who’ve given it awards for taste and purity - it’s good. Like really good.


Boxed Water™ Watermelon Flavor’s iconic carton design inspired the look for the batch of Revolin x Boxed Water is Better custom RISE pickleball paddles. Perfect for beginner to intermediate pickleball players. Made in the USA. RISE ticks all the boxes from sustainability to performance.

Join us in skipping the plastic and moving towards a better, more juicy future. Shop Boxed Water is Better™. Or learn more about ordering custom paddles for your organization!

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