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Revolin’s story started in 2013 in Holland, Michigan, when tennis player and aspiring engineer, Hugh Davis, discovered the sport of pickleball in high school. After breaking more paddles than he could afford to replace, Hugh enlisted the help of his sister, Greta Davis, and they started building paddles from scraps in their garage. They completed their very first prototype in the summer of 2016.

They kept tweaking their creations to be better and decided they wanted to test if eco-friendly materials could be as successful as synthetic ones. They found out that high performance doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sustainability.

In 2019, after years of experimentation (and degrees in engineering and product design), Hugh enlisted the help of Olympic sporting equipment manufacturer, Rock MacInnes, and together they made their first limited edition batch of 30 paddles. Sophie Vanden Bosch, a public relations professional, came aboard to manage sales and marketing and thanks to her publicity, the first run of paddles sold out in less than two weeks!

Since selling their first paddles, Hugh and Greta haven’t stopped working, Rock hasn’t stopped building, and Sophie hasn’t stopped spreading the word, because we’re on a mission to change sports. We are Revolin, and we’re so glad you’re here!


We invent paddles that give you every advantage on the court.

With the right paddle, you can achieve the control, power, and speed you need to reach your highest potential. Never let your tools keep you from achieving your goals.


We intend our paddles be used for fun.

As long as you try your best and end the day with a smile, you're a winner in our book. Pickleball is an incredible sport and we're committed to growing  the game by including those traditionally excluded from the court.


We innovate to create paddles that don't hurt our home.

With outside of the box engineering, we've found that high-performance paddles can also be eco-friendly. We strive to do right by our planet because there is no planet B!

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