Pickleball Paddle Trial

Try the Revolin Sports Revo Series pickleball paddles before you buy. We know there’s no substitute for feeling a paddle in your hands, so we developed an easy way to choose between Revolin paddles. 

Step 1: Order the paddle you're interested in (or order more than one)

Step 2: Try the paddles for 10 days at your home courts. 

Step 3: Return the paddles and get the cost of your demo taken off of your purchase.


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Demo the Revo Pure Control
Demo the Revo Reach Control
Demo the Revo Pure Power
Demo the Revo Pure Power Sale price$20.00
Demo the Revo Reach Power
Demo the Revo Reach Power Sale price$20.00
Revolin Sports Demo Bundle
DEMO RISE Pickleball PaddleDEMO RISE Pickleball Paddle
DEMO RISE Pickleball Paddle Sale price$15.00 Regular price$109.99